Optimizing social media integration for customer management

2nd Social Media for Customer Management Online Summit

Back by popular demand! The industry’s premier and FREE online summit for Social CRM innovators and leaders!

Meet your Speakers

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  • Becky Carroll
  • Joakim Nilsson
  • Wayne Thomas
  • Nygel Weishar
  • Scott Taylor
  • Michele Shuster
  • Tim Washer
  • Shruti Goradia
  • Tim Templeton
  • Lon Safko
  • Kimarie Matthews
  • Stan Garfield
  • Jaime Punishill
  • Ryan Amirault
  • Jeff Simmermon
  • Adam Wallace

Back by popular demand, the Customer Management IQ team would like to welcome you to the latest installment of our FREE Social Media for Customer Management Summit.

Dear Fellow Customer Management Professional:

Due to the runaway success of our first Social Media for Customer Management Summit, CMIQ is proud to present the second installment of Social CRM Online. And with an exciting speaker faculty including social media end user experts from Verizon, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters, Time Warner Cable and Cisco, this exclusive online event is set to help translate the myths of social media into tangible benefits, and optimize your organization’s cutting edge social CRM strategy. Be sure to register now for the industry’s premiere and free online event!

Event overview: At our maiden event, we heard from leaders at cutting edge organizations such as Kodak, McDonald's, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Novell and SEGA. Speakers captivated audiences by addressing the real consequences and true benefits of Social CRM’s impact on traditional customer management strategies. And with active participation between speakers and our live audience, there was certainly no shortage of dialogue concerning the fall of traditional call center formats, in favor of social CRM.


Enter the 2nd Social Media for Customer Management Summit as your opportunity to build on the success of customer-centric social media strategy. Hidden beneath all the fanfare and misconceptions about social media’s measurability and value potential, are the answers for which you are looking. Answers that can significantly improve your organization’s ability to successfully interact with current customers and forge relationships with new ones. Answers that will provide the implementable benchmarks needed to identify—and seize—opportunities for generating real profit potential and maximizing the ROI of your social CRM strategy.

The 2nd Social Media for Customer Management Summit, July 18-August 10, will arm you with the tools to make measurable and immediate improvements to your online customer management strategy. Our esteemed faculty of experts will provide proven, cutting-edge case study examples—not preachy rhetoric and guesswork—for tailoring your social CRM effort to capitalize on the opportunities you have long been promised. 

This 100% free and 100% online event begins July 18th and runs through August 10th

In order to accommodate your schedule, we have spread this event over the course of a four weeks so that you may attend at your convenience. Sessions will also be available on-demand and at no cost. Should you miss a session, you will always have an opportunity to catch up at a time that is convenient!


Be sure to secure your spot in the only online social CRM event predicated on benchmarked, big picture improvement, showing you how to prepare your customer management team to capitalize on ever-increasing opportunities in social media.

We look forward to seeing you online!

Act Now. Register Yourself - And a Team of Key People Today!

Brian Cantor
Managing Director
Customer Management IQ


Charlie Crang
Production Manager
Customer Management IQ


P.S.:  Did you know that many of the tools and techniques for generating marked improvement from your social CRM strategy can be achieved with virtually no upfront cost?

P.P.S.:  Let's face it…Thanks to social media, your competitors have unprecedented opportunities to market to your existing customer base. A cutting-edge social CRM strategy is the only way to overcome that looming threat and assure your customers continue to view your organization as the industry’s elite brand.

P.P.P.S.:  Join other customer management professionals, who will share their ideas, best practices and solutions throughout this event. If you want to gain the best strategies from the best of the best, keep on reading...

P.P.P.P.S.:  Act now and guarantee your spot in this limited event! 
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Event Highlights

Secure your FREE spot in the elite online event for customer management and marketing executives looking to move beyond the hype as they seek measurable solutions for optimizing Social CRM strategy.

Overcome the myths restricting your organization’s success in social media
(Expose yourself to the inexpensive tools and techniques needed to accurately measure social CRM success as you generate true ROI)

Give your customer management team a social makeover
(Getting up to speed on Twitter is helpful, but the real value of social CRM strategy lies with how you adapt your corporate culture, call center dynamic and employee mindset to respond to the increasingly “social” customer)

Redefine the notion of quality customer service
(As customers’ media for interacting with your brand changes, so too does their expectation of successful engagement. Transform your customer interactions to assure you “speak the language” of the social consumer and address the audience in the manner it aspires to be addressed)

Ready your employees for their new roles as corporate ambassadors
(The idea of “leaving work at the office” no longer exists; as employees post on Facebook walls and comment on blog posts, they do so as representatives of your company. Leverage this ambassadorship to turn employees into free publicity machines rather than dangerous liabilities)

Turning customer complaints into positive branding
(You are kidding yourself if you don’t think the rise of social media will expose more eyeballs to negative sentiment about your corporation, but do not view that as a bad thing. If your “damage control” tactics are effective, you’ll get to show off your superior customer service to an even wider audience)

Addressing workflow uncertainty within the social universe
(Social conversations with customers are far less repetitive and certain than traditional call center engagements, but tools and strategies indeed exist for mapping social media workflow and assuring you are always prepared to meet customer needs)

Glimpse into the crystal ball as you prepare for the future of social CRM
(Like the call centers of yesterday, social CRM strategies will undoubtedly need to evolve. As you plan your social media investments, for what future trends should you be prepared?)

Eavesdrop on the closely guarded secrets of the industry's top experts
(Say NO to revamping your social media strategy on a whim—get answers and guidance via exclusive, proven case studies as you pursue those ideas that can spur profitable social CRM)

Encounter solutions custom-fitted for your industry and organizational structure
(Through in-depth conversations with widespread industry representation, this event keeps you up to date on the value-generating strategies, as well as the relevant liabilities and regulatory/privacy concerns most relevant to your specific company)

Hear all sides of the issue
(This will not be a blind social media love-fest; executive discussions will be driven by practicality and demonstrable ROI)

Ask LIVE questions and get immediate answers
(understand how the lessons of our speaking faculty can directly benefit YOUR business)

Learn at your own pace and save money
(no costly registration fee, no hassle traveling or finding hotels, no commitment to attending during limited time) --this free online event is spread and recorded over four weeks, and if you miss a session, it is easy for you to catch up when ready!

Become part of an exclusive community of customer management and social media experts who share your thirst for marked improvements in CRM strategy

And much more!  All with zero cost to you or your organization!


This event is ideal for C-level management, vice presidents, directors, managers and strategists focused on the following areas: social media, marketing, customer service, customer care, customer experience, customer retention, call centers, contact centers, customer relationship management, customer loyalty, customer engagement.


This comprehensive online summit will help you seize valuable CRM opportunities in social media by revamping all facets of your customer management effort and significantly improving your ability to engage the target audience. Presentations topics, to be delivered by battle-tested industry experts and thought leaders, include: defining the benchmarks for evaluating social CRM strategy, optimizing ROI from social media endeavors, transforming your customer experience philosophy for social interactions, mapping your current status with social media users, readying employees to become valuable corporate ambassadors, using a social CRM culture to recruit Millennial employees, overhauling your customer management hierarchy to meet the demands of social CRM, recovering from bad press and social media horror stories, implementing “cool” grassroots branding campaigns, overcoming liability and regulatory barriers to entry into social media, forecasting for social customer service workflow, determining when outsourcing social media is the right call, preparing for the future of social media and analyzing exactly how much of your budget should be consumed by social CRM.


In the comfort of your home or office! No traveling expenses or timing conflicts. This online event takes place by using your computer or laptop.


Beginning July 18 (spread over one month to improve learning and accommodate your schedule; scroll down for the full agenda). All sessions are recorded so if you can't make a particular session, don't worry, you'll have access to all 16 sessions to view at your convenience.


Social media is here to stay, and no CRM strategy will be effective if it does not recognize that reality. But knowing of social media’s necessity and being able to make the vast organizational and cultural changes needed to capitalize on its promised opportunities are very different things. Through our interactive sessions, including candid discussions and never-before-disclosed case studies, expose yourself to the tools needed to maximize your social CRM benefits. Your customers will never be more loyal, your organization never more streamlined and profitable and your management never more happy. It is win-win-win!


Simply register for this free event by clicking on any of the links throughout the page.

How it Works

Is this your first online event? Don’t worry. Joining the rest of the customer management social CRM community could not be easier. Here’s how it works:

1. This online event showcases LIVE, real-time presentations.

Our entire speaker faculty will be presenting their knowledge and expertise on social CRM strategies via your computer. From the comfort of your home or office, you can listen and watch the presentations in real-time and interact with the speaker and other customer management professionals that share similar challenges. And if your schedule isn't flexible to the LIVE presentations, don't worry; you will receive ALL sessions on-demand so that you can participate at your convenience.

2. Interact with the presenters and additional social customer management professionals LIVE!

Unlike pre-recorded Webinars, this event gives you the opportunity to interact with the experts in real-time. Presentations and discussions take place the moment you log on, and if you have questions or comments while the event is taking place…just ask and you'll get a response from the faculty!

The virtual rooms are equipped with many features that give you the ability to participate in surveys and polls, access video content and participate in live Q&A.

3. Networking is a key contributor to knowledge sharing...

Often times when you go to conferences, you exchange business cards with many customer management professionals. Usually the conversation stops once you pack up and head back to work. Not here! This online event not only gives you the chance to meet customer management professionals that are in the same boat as you, you'll be able to have extensive discussions, live ongoing interactivity and continuous sharing of best practices.

Don't forget to join our LinkedIn group where you can network and continue to interact with professionals like yourself. (Our LinkedIn Group is Customer Management IQ)

Take full advantage of our event-focused Twitter-based chat stream (the hash tag for this event is #scrmevent) where you can interact live with your peers while the event is taking place.

We understand that you don't have much time in your busy schedule, so we have designed this event to best accommodate your participation!  We have expanded this online event over the course of 4 weeks, with four sessions scheduled per week.

And if you can't make it, you'll have access to anything you missed! The recordings will be available for you to view at any time.


1. I can't make some of these sessions. Will I be able to get a copy?
Yes. This event is designed so that if you can't attend some presentations, ALL sessions will be made available on-demand so that you can view the event your convenience. Even if you do attend the live sessions, you will get access to all the recordings to review for note-taking.

2. When are the sessions being offered?

The sessions are outlined below for your convenience. Remember...if you can't make it, don't worry; you will still get access to the recording so you won't miss a thing!

  • July 18, 2011, 2pm Eastern and 3:15pm Eastern
  • July 20, 2011, 2pm Eastern and 3:15pm Eastern
  • July 25, 2011, 2pm Eastern and 3:15pm Eastern
  • July 27, 2011, 2pm Eastern and 3:15pm Eastern
  • August 1, 2011, 2pm Eastern and 3:15pm Eastern
  • August 3, 2011, 2pm Eastern and 3:15pm Eastern
  • August 8, 2011, 2pm Eastern and 3:15pm Eastern
  • August 10, 2011, 2pm Eastern and 3:15pm Eastern

3. Will the PowerPoints be available?
All registrants will be able to view the slides on the webinar console; recordings of the sessions, featuring the slides, will be made available shortly after the live sessions.  PDF versions of slides will also be made available for personal reference.

4. When can we get the bonus materials?
In the event they are offered for the program, bonus materials are distributed upon registration. You will receive a confirmation letter containing this content.

5. Where is the event?

The event is located from the comforts of your home or office. No hassle of travel or accommodation expenses.

6. How long is each session?

Each session is 1 hour in length. There will be a 15 minute break between each session that will give you the chance to network with those in your session and ask the presenter questions.

7. How do you ask questions during the sessions?

For LIVE sessions, the speakers and attendees are set up with LIVE chat, that way the speaker can directly address any questions you may have pertaining to their presentation.

What if I have technical questions or any other type of questions, who do I contact?
Should you have any technical difficulties or any questions about the event, you may send an email to customer support at customerservice@customermanagementiq.com or call us at 877-711-2986 and we will respond immediately to your inquiry.

Let's Look at the Facts

84% of Americans are active in at least one social network – There is no more voluminous means for reaching your target audience, and your competitors know that!

25% of search results for the top brands link to user-generated content. Like it or not, your customers have taken to social media to express their feelings about your brand. Now is the time to engage these customers and assure that widespread, viral sentiment generates increased revenue and customer loyalty, not headaches.

The average person has 195 social media “friends”. Even ignoring the viral capability of social media dialogue, remember that your customers have a direct line to the ears of 200 people. In trying to establish your brand, generate business and rebound from shortcomings, where else can you find such clear influence?

Word of mouth has been deemed nearly six times more effective than television advertisement about shaping consumer opinion. How are you using this knowledge to optimize return on marketing spend and assure your television campaigns are not being nullified by ill-sentiment online?

70% of Executives believe engaging customers via social media will help their organization increase customer advocacy

Customers expect tangible value from their active engagement with organizations who have a presence in social media

(sources:socialmediatoday.com, IBM Social CRM whitepaper)


Social CRM: From Buzzword to Business Model
Becky Carroll

When social media recently emerged as ‘the new’ channel for customers to communicate with business, the fundamental meaning of business as we knew it, changed forever to include the word ‘social’. But when people consider how they use social media, the last thing they are likely to consider is customer relations management. Social media has grown from strength to strength, because it provides people with a truly interactive way to connect and engage with friends – and now, business. Effective adoption of Social CRM not only provides customers with a new way to connect with organizations, it also provides businesses with unprecedented opportunities to engage and understand customers. In this key note session learn, “what your business needs to do,”to get social with its CRM:

  • Defined: What is social CRM?
  • How is social CRM being used, who is using it, and why?
  • Why your business should adopt social CRM?
  • Effective ways to integrate social CRM into existing processes and procedures
Becky Carroll, Social Media Strategist, Verizon


Metrics: Keys to Unlocking Social CRM For Your Organization
Joakim Nilsson

We all know social CRM is more than just establishing an organization’s presence in the variety of social networks consumers use. And measuring the success of this presence stems beyond the simple counts of how many friends, fans and followers your organization has. But identifying the right tools which will effectively enable your organization to establish benchmarks for its use of social media for CRM can be difficult. Understand the extent of your social audience and assess different monitoring tools and metrics which will improve your organization’s social CRM:

  • How to identify where your organization’s presence is in social media
  • Assess what metrics apply to your business’ use of social CRM
  • Why social CRM metrics can improve products and service
Joakim Nilsson, Head of Social Media, BetClic Everest Group


Reputation Management: Using Social Media for Crisis Management
Wayne Thomas
Nygel Weishar

In many respects, social media is an anarchistic media platform. It is also a highly democratic one, too.  The recent examples of civilian groups using social media as a strategic communication channel to revolt against, and topple governments, is testimony to the immediate and massive audience reach people are empowered with, when communicating via social media. In turn, while many aspects of social CRM are favorable for your organization, there are also many aspects which are open to exploitation and abuse, both internally and externally. In this session, learn how to develop strategies to identify and prevent social CRM abuse and crisis:

  • How social media can destabilize an organization and its operation, if it’s not identified early
  • Best practice for establishing a social CRM crisis management communications protocol
  • Identifying, monitoring and preventing negative customer sentiment, before it becomes a crisis
Wayne Thomas, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, Sysomos
Nygel Weishar, Social Media & Community Relations Specialist, Sysomos


Managing Social Media As A Customer Service Channel
Scott Taylor

Are you considering adopting social media as a direct channel for customer service? If so, it’s important to remain aware that the way in which your customers communicate via social media, will never be as straightforward as the way they communicate to traditional channels for CRM. However, similar to traditional customer service, the tone of what your customers say may vary from: overly irate, pleasantly satisfied, to just plain confusing. So no matter how sophisticated social CRM monitoring tools and moderators are, key service level information will frequently range from static, to highly critical. In turn, it is important that your organization is able to effectively manage your customers via social CRM, and act upon their needs quickly and accordingly. In this session, learn how the established protocols for traditional customer service, can effectively be transferred into benchmarks for implementing social media for customer service:

  • Transform call center staff into community managers, and social CRM wizards
  • Identify service metrics: relevant KPIs and best practice quality assurance
  • How to adopt social media for improved SLA and field service
  • Reduce customer service costs and achieve optimal outcomes through social CRM
Scott Taylor, Director of Field Service, Vivint


Social CRM: Policy, Privacy, Security and Protection
Michele Shuster

Establishing internal policies for managing customers and clients through social CRM can be determined by a multitude of factors. Some of the most important legal variables include: individual privacy agreements; your customers’ age; the different laws of the states they reside in; and the different communication codes of practice that apply to each sovereign nation you conduct business in. Similar to how these rules and regulations govern internal and external policies for traditional CRM, your organization’s social CRM policy must also consider and implement similar rules, regulations and security requirements. In this must see session, a legal expert explores the critical ideas which will protect your organization:

  • How to develop and implement a safe, secure and compliant social CRM policy
  • Implement safeguards to protect your organization from undue liability
  • Learn from worst case scenarios of how and why social CRM privacy was breached
Michele Shuster, Partner, MacMurray Petersen & Shuster LLP


Creating Content To Humanize Your B2B Social CRM
Tim Washer

While many B2C brands effectively leverage social media to engage with their audiences, some B2B brands struggle to show their humanity. In the end, regardless of your B2B market focus, those reading your corporate blog are individuals after all. In this session, learn from some creative storytelling approaches and review successful B2B case studies that have employed the two of the most powerful viral elements:  knowledge and entertainment. In this interactive session:

  • Learn from B2C social CRM best practice to enhance B2B
  • Establish a cutting edge B2B social CRM strategy by using: content, humor and knowledge
  • Ideas to achieve new B2B revenue streams directly from social CRM
Tim Washer, Senior Manager, Social Media, Cisco


Achieving Customer Loyalty With Social CRM
Shruti Goradia

Social media provides a fantastic tool to develop a more comprehensive CRM. It also provides the ideal platform to increase customer loyalty, by providing consumers with direct benefits of value added service and loyalty rewards. Many social CRM experts suggest that one of the most effective ways to incorporate social media into CRM is by treating the experience much like a game. Otherwise known as ‘gamification’, this highly relevant and topical concept suggests that customers are more likely to remain loyal and engaged with an organization’s social media efforts, if they receive something tangible in return. Learn why your organization has more to gain from rewarding its social customers with tangible rewards and benefits:

  • Examples of gamification  and its increasing value in social CRM
  • Why customers rate tangible value as one of the most important factors in social CRM
  • Measuring the effectiveness of rewards and their positive impact on customer loyalty
Shruti Goradia, Social Media Marketing Managerm Content & Community, Eastman Kodak


Social Commerce: Leveraging Social CRM for Direct Revenue
Tim Templeton

Your customers have wholeheartedly embraced social media to communicate, so why wouldn’t they use it for commerce? Social CRM is often considered a ‘non transactional’ business tool. But some of the most innovative success stories continue to include organizations which engage social commerce. And it makes sense really: If you compared each customer’s unique visit to your company website, against their daily visits to social media sites, it becomes obvious why your organization should provide transactional services through major social networks. Learn creative methods to incorporate social commerce into your social CRM strategy:

  • How to implement commercial capabilities into your organization’s social media strategy
  • Implications to consider: protecting privacy and security
  • Innovative examples of how to generate direct revenue from social media networks
Tim Templeton, VP, Marketing, Tall Umbrella


Achieving Executive Support
Lon Safko

Do your executives tweet? Chances are if they do, your company is actively involved in developing a cutting edge social CRM strategy. Like any emerging technology based innovation, integration and adoption can only move forward with active executive support. However, achieving executive support for your organization’s foray into social CRM is not always as simple as getting a board of directors to micro-blog. With the ever increasing variety of social networks and technologies available to consumers - and tools which can effectively enable organizations to communicate and measure what’s being said – it’s imperative that executives remain at the forefront of the social CRM evolution:

  • How to evaluate whether your executives fully understand social CRM
  • First steps to effectively educating executives on the benefits of social CRM
  • Strategies to manage executive objections and resistance towards social CRM adoption
Lon Safko, Author,


Identifying ROI From Social CRM: More Than Just A Fiscal Assessment
Kimarie Matthews

Because social CRM utilizes free communication channels to engage massive audiences, it’s easy to get carried away with all the hype and praise surrounding it. But if you stop to consider the bigger picture, the only way an organization can effectively maximize and leverage their efforts in social CRM, is through a variety of costly investments. In turn, it is important to consider how your organization should measure the overall ROI, and success of its social CRM. Although success may be measured in purely fiscal terms, it is important to look at other factors which drive returns, including social media’s positive impacts on: enhanced one to one social communication, increased customer advocacy, brand recognition and resolving potential crisis. In this session learn how to measure ROI in more than just fiscal terms:

  • Innovative methods to identify, measure and achieve ROI
  • Understand how social CRM improves and modernizes customer relations
  • Best practices for establishing successful social CRM incident response
Kimarie Matthews, Vice President, Social Web, Wells Fargo


Knowledge Management: How To Use Social CRM For Two-way Knowledge Sharing
Stan Garfield

The fundamental principles of CRM often give priority to content management, before knowledge management (KM). While social media for CRM provides an excellent way to better understand customers - and promote different products and services - there are reasons to use social media for KM, including: sharing, innovating, reusing, collaborating, and learning. This session will review the recommended approaches for using social media for KM, including people, processes, and technology. In this session learn how to improve knowledge management through social media:

  • The importance of using social media for internal knowledge management to improve customer service
  • Using internal and external communities of practice
  • How to harness user generated content to your advantage
Stan Garfield, Deloitte, Community Evangelist


Measuring Up: Turning Voice and Verbatim into Value
Jaime Punishill

Customer insight provides the most valuable way to gauge the effectiveness of your organization’s entire operation. But when we ask customers questions, their answers are most frequently influenced subjectively, by the question itself. Instead of traditional based Q&A market research, social CRM provides an effective way to monitor the customers’ independent statements and questions, which concern your business. Add value to your products and service by listening to the consumers’ real voice:

  • Learn methods to monitor and engage customers and prospects through social media
  • How to construct accurate consumer profiles and market segments through social CRM monitoring
  • Achieve new revenue streams and unlock previously unidentified consumer insight and knowledge
Jaime Punishill, Global Head Wealth Online, Thomson Reuters


Marketing Social CRM As A Service For Customers
Ryan Amirault

More than often, your customers will be surprised when you reach out or respond to their needs via social media. This element of surprise is more likely to turn into a satisfactory outcome, and as a result, customers are more likely to return to social media for customer service in the future. In order to maintain the convenience and success of social media for customer service, it is important to establish universally accepted expectations from social CRM engagements. In other words, outlining what customers can and can’t achieve from social CRM, is the first step to marketing the explicit benefits of social media for customer service:

  • How to market the benefits of social CRM for your customers
  • Why you must educate customers on the integrity and safety of social CRM
  • The importance of establishing realistic benchmarks for customer service and quality assurance for social CRM
Ryan Amirault, Social Media Strategist, Whole Foods Market


Social CRM Command Centers: Onshore, Offshore, Cyberspace?
Jeff Simmermon

When your customers are in cyberspace, where should your social CRM customer relations team be based? Also, what type of staff should you seek to engage your customers through social CRM? At this stage, most organizations that engage social CRM as a service, have small onshore teams, which remain a fraction of the size of the call center. But let’s face it, more and more customers are engaging social CRM as a service. As a result, organizations not only have to consider expanding social media customer service teams, they must also consider who will manage the operation, and where it will be located. In the end, there is no right or wrong approach to this decision. Ultimately, every organization is different and will require different levels, and styles of social customer service. In this session, identify how you can analyze which direction your social CRM is heading, and tailor engagement strategies, which reflect your customers’ use of social media as a service:

  • Onshore, or offshore? Internal, or outsourced? What is best for your organization?
  • How to identify the right characteristics and qualifications for your social CRM staff
  • Establishing transparency for your social customers and how to develop procedures for escalations
Jeff Simmermon, Director of Digital Communications, Time Warner Cable


The Devil’s Advocate: Is Social CRM The Be All End All?
Adam Wallace

Are the ideas underpinning ‘social’ merely just an added word to the proven procedures and principles, which constitute how organizations use traditional CRM? There is a lot of hype surrounding social CRM, but, the number of case studies which substantiate ‘real’ benefits are still too small to convince the masses that a communication revolution is nigh. The contrarian’s perspective is not supposed to discredit social media for CRM; instead, an objective analysis of the arguments for and against, will assist your organization’s assessment of how it can develop a realistic strategy for its foray into social media for CRM. In this final session, the hard earned knowledge and experience of a social media expert will help your organization develop an effective social CRM strategy, in the following key areas:

  • How to avoid getting carried away with the ‘buzz’ of social
  • Social CRM: why one size never fits all
  • How to overcome the hype, and implement what actually matters for your business
  • Finally, the importance of setting realistic expectations for your journey into social CRM 
Adam Wallace, Former Digital Marketing Manager, Roger Smith Hotel


4:00 PM ET
Social ROI: You CAN Deliver IT (And Yes, It Matters)
Joakim Nilsson

Over the past few years, whenever someone attempted to discuss “social media ROI,” there was a customer management consultant waiting to dismiss that person as misguided.  “If you’re focused on ROI, you’re doing social wrong.”


While some social “strategists” have created artificial job security by downplaying social ROI as a myth, truly successful ones have understood that social is a business strategy that must absolutely be held accountable for positive financial impact.  As a crucial pathway for connecting with customers, social media offers unprecedented opportunities to drive new sales revenue and eliminate marketing and customer service costs.

Escape the shackles of complacency by embracing the importance of ROI.  This session will reveal how an effective social strategy can attack both sides of the income statement, providing immensely reduced customer service and call center costs, significantly more efficient marketing and a more resonant and revenue-friendly sales process.

Then, our speaker will share his free dashboard for measuring that return on investment.  Social media will no longer be a nebulous pipe dream—it will be an accountable, essential part of your business strategy.

Joakim Nilsson, Principal, Nilsson Consulting


Isn’t it time you achieve real success from your social media CRM strategy?

Yes! And you can achieve success by learning from the best of the best.

Learn what the most successful customer management pros do and follow in their footsteps.

If you demand more than empty promises from social media implementation, don’t miss this unique opportunity to master the tools for creating a social CRM strategy that maximizes customer loyalty and prepares your workforce for the customer management challenges of tomorrow!

Act now—register yourself and/or a team of key people today!

Brian Cantor
Managing Director
Customer Management IQ

Charlie Crang
Production Manager
Customer Management IQ

P.S. Don't forget! We have made all the sessions available, on-demand, at no cost. You'll never miss a thing!

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Becky Carroll


Becky Carroll is the Community Program Manager and Social Media strategist for Verizon. Recently, she also finished writing “The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers,” (Wiley, July 2011). Becky loves social media. And when she’s not regularly providing commentary and sharing her expertise as the social media contributor for NBC TV San Diego, she lectures the “Marketing via New Media” class at U.C. San Diego, and authors her popular customer experience blog, ‘Customers Rock!’. In the past, Becky was a Senior Consultant for industry-leading Peppers & Rogers Group. She also worked at Hewlett Packard for 14 years, capping her tenure there as the Director of Marketing for the U.K. and Ireland region.

Speaking on: Social CRM: From Buzzword to Business Model


Joakim Nilsson

BetClic Everest Group

Joakim Nilsson is the Head of Social Media at one of Europe’s largest online gaming groups. He has more than 6 years professional experience within the online gaming industry, with a background colored by customer service, affiliate marketing, website management and a whole lot of ‘starting things’. Joakim also blogs at ‘
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Metrics: Keys to Unlocking Social CRM For Your Organization

Social ROI: You CAN Deliver IT (And Yes, It Matters)


Wayne Thomas


Wayne is a Senior Pre-Sales Consultant with Sysomos, with over 15 years experience in various web-technologies, including: Software as a Service (SaaS) for financial services; cloud storage; and social media spaces. Wayne is primarily responsible for designing and conducting client demos, and is the key link between the Sales and Account Management departments, taking channel/partner feature requests and integrating them into the solution roadmap.

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Nygel Weishar


Nygel has worked closely with many worldwide organizations helping them strategize and set up their social media monitoring practices. With a degree in Commerce-Marketing from the Sprott School of Business, and extensive

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Scott Taylor


Scott Taylor is the Director of Field Service with Vivint - formerly APX Alarm Security Solutions. Scott has been with Vivint for over 10 years, and as one of Vivint’s Service Directors, he oversees projects and development for the Field Service team, which includes: 700 full time, and 1200 seasonal engineers. Scott has overseen Vivint’s growth from just under 100 engineers, to 700, in 3 years. Scott’s recent efforts in achieving a 6 month implementation to optimized scheduling and field service, has earned Vivint multiple Service Industry awards, including: 2010 Mobility Solutions Magazine Honoree, 2010 Aberdeen Field Service Evolution Winner, a Gartner case study (Feb 2011), ClickSoftware Service Excellence Award (2010), and now: Gartner’s 2011 CRM Excellence Award for Enterprise Efficiency. Currently Scott & team are re-branding Vivint’s ½ million customers and are implementing a 50% product line increase, which will add home automation to their current home security offering.

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Michele Shuster

MacMurray Petersen & Shuster LLP

Michele Shuster is a partner with the law firm of Mac Murray, Petersen & Shuster. She has extensive experience in assisting clients involved in highly regulated industries. Ms. Shuster managed the Ohio attorney general’s consumer protection and crime victim services divisions from 1997 through 2004. Since venturing into the private practice of law, Ms. Shuster has established a solid record of assisting clients in their compliance with privacy, telemarketing, consumer protection and healthcare laws.

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Tim Washer


Tim Washer is a social media manager for Cisco Systems’ Service Provider Marketing group. Prior to Cisco, he served as head of social media video production for IBM, where he wrote/produced the company’s most successful YouTube series, “The Art of the Sale.” His work has been covered by Advertising Age, ADWEEK, N.P.R. and The New York Times. Tim moonlights as a comedy writer/actor, and credits include Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, SNL and The Onion Sports Network.

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Shruti Goradia

Eastman Kodak

Shruti Goradia is the Social Media Community Manager for Kodak's Tips & Projects Exchange: a branded community for creative enthusiasts. In this role she manages all aspects of the community to drive business goals. Shruti leads the strategy for reach, influence and impact via owned, earned and paid media, which drives product integration to optimize brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and revenue. She is proud to be on the front lines of interacting with Kodak consumers, championing community and customer feedback internally. The community is a valuable CRM tool, actively engaging the consumer throughout the sales cylce, providing and generating rich user-generated content that is leveraged in marketing and customer service initiatives.

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Tim Templeton

Tall Umbrella

Tim Templeton is Vice President of Marketing of Tall Umbrella, a cloud computing company focusing on delivering hosted technology solutions for the healthcare market. Templeton has developed successful telecommunications marketing campaigns for international companies such as MCI and ADC. His strong channel management background includes launching a reseller program and recruiting 1,200 new members in the first six months. Mr. Templeton's accolades include a product receiving the coveted Editor's Choice Award from PC Magazine, and his work was also profiled as part of a recent Marketing Sherpa case study. He holds an MBA in Information Systems Management from Fordham University, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics from Cornell University.

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Lon Safko

Lon Safko is an author of remarkable breadth. He has written seven innovative best selling books, which have shown corporations how to train managers to think creatively, detailed the secrets of launching a successful online business and related stories about the serendipity of life. His latest book, with John Wiley & Sons, ‘’The Social Media Bible,” unlocks the mysteries of using social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for business, and was ranked Amazon.com’s #1 best seller for the business and marketing category. Lon is also a professional speaker who privately coaches Fortune 1,000 companies on harnessing innovative thinking and social media strategy.

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Kimarie Matthews

Wells Fargo

Kimarie Matthews is Vice President of Social Web for Wells Fargo's Internet Services Group. For more than 12 years Kimarie has been helping improve customer experience in financial services. Kimarie is proud to be on the front lines of proactive customer support, managing Wells Fargo’s Twitter channels @ask_wellsfargo and @wachovia, and developing programs that extend Wells Fargo’s ability to support customers by leveraging social technologies. Kimarie has been a frequent guest speaker on customer experience and social media at conferences, including SXSW 2011 and at Stanford Business School. She recently published an online article, ‘Social Media is Not the Next New Thing’. Kimarie is a Stanford University graduate.

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Stan Garfield

Community Evangelist

Stan Garfield is the Community Evangelist at Deloitte. In his extensive IT career, Stan has worked as a manager at some of the largest tech companies, including HP, Compaq and Digital Equipment Corp; where he assisted in the launch and development of cutting edge knowledge management solutions. Stan is also an author, having written and published “Implementing a Successful KM Programme”. Among Stan’s other achievements, he founded and directs the SKIM Leaders Community, with 450 members globally.

Speaking on: Knowledge Management: How To Use Social CRM For Two-way Knowledge Sharing


Jaime Punishill

Thomson Reuters

Jaime Punishill is the global head of wealth online at Thomson Reuters. In this capacity, he oversees the products and services that provide more than 500 wealth management firms with Thomson Reuters content for digital redistribution to their customers. Previously, Jaime was the head of digital strategy & social media for Citibank, where he led the company’s efforts to become the first “social bank” and one of the leading financial services firms in social media. His digital experience also includes six years as a principal analyst for Forrester Research and as product manager for the first online brokerage site for Bank of America. A recognized leader on how financial services firms can leverage digital mediums to transform their customer experience and improve their bottom line, he is active on the conference circuit, having spoken at events like BAI Retail Delivery, South by Southwest, Forrester Finance Forum, and Schwab IMPACT. Follow Jaime on Twitter @jpunishill.

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Ryan Amirault

Whole Foods Market

Ryan Amirault is the Social Media Strategist for Whole Foods Market. He is a driven individual, with a diverse tool belt including extensive experience in: managing corporate IT networks, pricing out international restaurant menus and exploring the latest location based social media technology. He finds the new landscape around local marketing & social media fascinating, and is constantly studying the latest trends, tools, tactics, and pioneers in the industry. Ryan is proud to work for a fast paced organization, which is open to new ideas, and welcoming towards employee contribution and learning.

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Jeff Simmermon

Time Warner Cable

Jeff Simmermon is the Director of Digital Communications at Time Warner Cable. His role there includes editing TWC’s corporate PR blog, ‘Untangled’ and directing TWC’s PR social media strategy. Jeff’s previous work in early social media also includes his tenure as a Blog Programming Manager for AOL’s customer Journals site, which had average daily visits in excess of 50,000 people. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys musing on: life, technology and culture, through his personal blog, ‘And I Am Not Lying’.

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Adam Wallace

Roger Smith Hotel

Adam Wallace is the former Director of Digital Marketing for the Roger Smith Hotel, a family-run boutique art hotel in midtown Manhattan. In his three years there he had helped establish the hotel’s reputation as a pioneer in social media marketing. His work with the Roger Smith has led them to recently be called what “may be the most social media savvy hotel in New York -- if not the world” by eConsultancy. Adam has spoken at many conferences about social media, including 140conf in LA, South By South West in Austin, and Enterprise Social 2.0 in Amsterdam.

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